Penetrating Keratoplasty

Taming the Tiger

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20-21 March 2021

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Dear Friends!
We are extremely excited about the forthcoming webinar “ Therapeutic Penetrating Keratoplasty : Taming the Tiger”. This meeting has a host of highly experienced national faculty whose combined knowledge and expertise would surpass that of all therapeutic corneal surgeons across the globe!! They are in the true sense “the been there and done that” group of corneal cowboys and cowgirls who have already “tamed the tiger” and would be sharing their pearls gleaned over the years, with all of us.
We hope to take you through several hours of case based discussions which will show you many of the common scenarios we come across when performing a therapeutic graft and some of the not so common scenarios we may never wish to encounter. Our journey on the quest for the elusive tiger would commence with a short glimpse of the various cases of microbial keratitis which need therapeutic PKP, followed by a deep dive into the surgical nuances, intra- and post-operative complications and post operative management, with a brief analysis of the microbiological and histopathological correlations of the excised buttons.

Hence this meeting is targeted at any and everyone who manages microbial keratitis and of course all corneal transplant surgeons. We hope that by the end of the two-day session, you would come away much wiser on how to “tame the tiger”.

Looking forward to meeting you virtually on Mar 20 and 21, 2021!!

Dr Merle Fernandes
Organizing Secretary